Sanctuary -  A Healing Place


Dr. Jecmen treats a variety of addictions including alcohol, drugs, food, sex, relationships, spending, gambling, and gaming (computer, video).

Adolescents/Young Adults

Dr. Jecmen addresses many concerns relevant to teens and young adults, including relationships with parents and siblings, emotional concerns, friendships, social media, self-esteem, dating, sexual issues, choices about drugs and alcohol, self-identity, academics, college, and career.


Dr. Jecmen counsels people with common concerns about career, including choosing a job/career, changing jobs, coping with loss of a job, and retirement.


Dr. Jecmen has extensive experience in helping couples of all kinds and ages face relationship issues including communication, co-dependence and enmeshment, addiction/recovery, sex, anxiety, depression, finances, infidelity, divorce, and parenting/co-parenting.

Family-Owned Businesses

Dr. Jecmen’s work with family businesses includes helping members make decisions about roles and responsibilities, leadership transitions, finances, hiring/firing, and boundaries between work and home.


Dr. Jecmen can help you sort out family, parent-child, and sibling conflicts, parenting and discipline concerns, academic decisions, and divorce/blended-family dynamics.


Dr. Jecmen has experience helping individuals, couples, and families face financial challenges including budgeting, spending, shared vs. separate finances, allowances for children, and changes in income status.


Dr. Jecmen has a special place in his heart for those facing the challenges of giftedness, whether those gifts and talents show up in athletics, visual arts, performing arts, academics, emotional sensitivity/empathy/compassion, or intuition. Dr. Jecmen counsels people referred from schools for the gifted/talented, as well as professional athletes referred from their respective players’ associations.


Dr. Jecmen works with a variety of sexual concerns including sexual trauma, performance anxiety, sexual identity/orientation, transgender/gender identity, sexual values, sexual lifestyle, sexual intimacy and vitality, and sexual dysfunction.


Dr. Jecmen has a passion for helping people become aware of and develop a deep, vibrant relationship with the larger reality of which they are an intimate and innate part. Dr. Jecmen integrates into therapy concepts, values, principles, images, stories, and wisdom literature from a variety of traditions to help individuals identify and practice a spirituality that creates in them a sense of wholeness, connectedness, openness, responsiveness, abundance and generosity, trust, safety/security, and vibrant aliveness. He helps people sort through concerns including self-identity, religious and faith concerns, meaning and purpose in life, search for the truth, and integrity in living out personal values. Dr. Jecmen holds a deep respect for individuals’ faith traditions and personal spiritualities.

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